Good to See You!

You made it! I’ve been waiting for you, for a really long time. And now we’ve found each other – AMAZEBALLS! You may be here for many reasons; maybe you’re looking for someone to relate to, maybe you want to laugh with (or at) someone, maybe you just want a quick peek into someone else’s life, or maybe you just needed something to do while you wait for the Starbucks barista to find the coconut milk. Maybe none of those reasons and I’m way out in left field, no matter – you’re here!

Now I know blogs are supposed to be pretty tightly focused; according to Google, you might lose readers if you don’t talk about the same thing constantly. I know Google knows what it’s talking about…all those successful bloggers can’t be wrong, but I guess I’m hoping to be the exception. Yes, I’m going to talk about depression and anxiety sometimes…but not all the time. Maybe sometimes I’ll just want to give my opinion on something, or tell you about my day. I think we can safely say that depression and anxiety currently rule my life, so everything I write is laced with them regardless. Thanks brain.

So, you’re here and I’m here – let’s talk! Grab that coconut milk latte you’ve been waiting for and park your buns somewhere comfortable, we’re goin’ in deep peeps (that’s what she said, amirite?) life, mental health or lack thereof, and the eternal ramblings of an unsound mind. Are you ready?

Let’s begin.

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