About Me

Like I haven’t already talked about myself enough? I have to be careful or soon I’m going to have to add “narcissistic” to my arsenal of mental shortcomings. You clicked the link though, so I have to assume that you want to know more – plus I noticed that an “about me” section seems to be standard fare so I figured I’d just continue flying by the seat of my pants and going for it.

I’m a completely unknown and overrated blogger. So far I can say that I have been published right here on this website…that I made myself….using a template. Success is measured in small doses ok? Yeesh. I’m also a completely unknown and unposted vlogger; you can go to my YouTube channel and find a whole bunch of nothing because so far I haven’t grown a big enough pair of ladyballs to post anything*. Jeez lady, grow a pair already! I have suffered from depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember; possibly a few other things that you identify by initials, but that could just be my hypochondria talking. I’m incredibly lazy, I have a Bluetooth keyboard that I don’t always charge, and I’m not at all sure about how to make this blog work the way it’s supposed to. You already know this though.

What you don’t know is that I’m an animal enthusiast, lover of all things bad for you, and a serious Harry Potter geek. I heart Hogwarts. I also can’t decide if I’m Team Edward or Team Jacob. I’ve had some sleepless nights over that one, let me tell you. Ok, focus. My hobbies include drinking tea, starting new projects and not finishing them, making lists of all the stuff I actually think I’m going to do tomorrow, making YouTube videos that I don’t actually post, blogging (HOLLA!), and eating. After reading that back, I think I need to seriously consider working on my follow-through; I’ll google how to do that tomorrow. Check!

I love information. I literally google everything. I pray that nobody ever has to go through my search history; that might be a bit awkward to explain….

Uh, Manda? What do baby goats have to do with serial killers and Bigfoot? And did you seriously take a test to find out where the sorting hat would place you??”

“Whatsthatnow? Oh, haha, well it’s…*cough* um…yeah. And I kinda need to know in case I get a late acceptance letter…”

My brain has a mind of it’s own and sometimes it scares me. Let’s stick a pin in that for now. Thanks to my ahem, “issues”, I have lots of time to google stuff because I’m currently unable to function at my regular job. I’d say I’m a stay-at-home-Mom, but that would imply that I actually do stuff other than drive my kid around and watch Netflix . Mostly I don’t. I kinda suck at everything right now.

I’m going to leave it here – mostly because I’m feeling a compulsion to start listing every single thing that I can possibly think of to tell you about myself (sharing is caring, after all), but also because I’m creeping into self-pity territory and that’s another bad habit I’m trying to break. Nobody likes a pity party except the person throwing it. Zing!

Anyhoo, I’m sure many more bits and pieces will crawl out of the woodwork as we limp along, and I want to be just as surprised as you about what pops up outta this old brain of mine.

Manda out.


*UPDATE* I think my LB’s must have dropped sometime through the night, because I just officially became a Vlogger! So now you can check out my hideously amateur and painfully awkward YouTube debut videos on my very own channel – YAY BALLS!