Howdy peeps, Manda here…duh, who else would it be?! You all know I’ve been having trouble writing lately; I whine about it enough on my social media, so I have to assume it’s common knowledge by now…anyway, I thought I would start this section to give myself a little push (I am not trying to justify my shopping addiction…), and also to maybe help out any of you who like to read before you buy/try. I buy lots of stuff, so I should at least be able to hop on here and tell you all about it, and hopefully get my blog back on along the way. So read forth and purchase peeps! Or don’t, if I manage to talk you out of it. Buyer beware…here we go!

*DISCLAIMER* the opinions expressed here are strictly my own, and I am in no way compensated financially for any review. Even if I get fee stuff I will review it without prejudice. If it sucks, I will tell you! I will get free stuff though, won’t I? That’s a thing right? A girl can dream…

Hopefully that covers my ass, now let’s proceed shall we?