Marrakesh Oil Hair Styling Elixir

Okay, here we are – my first product review! Yay! I’m really excited about this one because, for those of you who know me, you know that I am addicted (among many other things, yikes) to hair extensions, and maintenance on those babies can be a biatch if you don’t do it right. That’s where this stuff comes in – it is like mana from the gods for your hair.

Let me begin by saying that hair extensions are expensive. If you want the good ones, be prepared to shell out some serious dough. That being said, I’m all about saving a buck (or a thousand), so not only have I taught myself how to install them, but I have also taught myself to learn to live with cheap – we’re talkin’ made in China here folks – hair in order to adequately fuel my addiction without breaking the bank. Did I mention I’m awesome? Now I’m not dissing China here specifically peeps, pretty much everything is made there anyway, but it’s a lot cheaper to buy “real human hair” off of Amazon than it is to buy actual virgin Rémy hair from an expensive salon. I use quotations because, in my personal experience, the hair is usually not 100% human even though they claim it is. If they are telling the truth they must be getting that shit from die-hard heat stylers or something because it never seems to last more than a few weeks. I usually manage to squeeze an extra couple weeks out of them simply because most of the time I’m too lazy to do my hair so it goes up in a bun and generally stays there until they grow out. The expensive kind, just FYI, usually last up to a year, and, if you were so inclined, you could style them pretty much everyday and they would remain soft and manageable. The ones I use get maybe four heat-styling days, five tops if I keep the temp barely-working-anyway-low, before they become the lifeless unmanageable strands they truly were to begin with. Luckily, when you can put extensions in your own hair by yourself, you can save a shit-ton of ducets on salon fees, and put those savings towards having to buy the cheap hair more often. Sounds redundant, I know, but thanks to Marrakesh, my new favourite thing in the world, my cheapo hair feels like it’s gonna last waaay longer. Win! Now that I’ve schooled you on cheap hair, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. This is my story.

It was a dark and stormy night…or, you know, a regular day, whatevs, and as I began to brush my hair I noticed it felt sticky and matted. “Time for new hair again” I thought to myself as I dragged the brush through the tacky strands, hearing the snap, crackle and pop of seriously unhealthy hair. Sigh. It was a good run, four weeks in and ready for braids every day for the next month. Then, like magic, I googled the spoilers for the FabFitFun starter box I got from a friend, and lo and behold, there was my answer; a free bottle of hair elixir, with rave reviews! I was so excited as I jumped to my account page to check the status of my shipment; this could be the answer to all of my hair prayers!

Sadly, when I received my box, it turned out Google had failed me. No hair oil. Boo. So what do I do? I Amazon that shit and have it sent out post-haste! There was no time to waste, my hair was counting on me! Several days later, I opened my mailbox with bated breath…there it was! I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out, my hair was so thirsty dammit!

Okay enough of that, storytime is over children – here’s the 411: I put this oil on my hair – I used the Marrakesh Miracle Masque in the shower first – and OMFG, this stuff is LEGIT y’all! I’m giving most of the credit to the oil itself, because my hair didn’t feel dramatically different after using the masque, but I’m sure it helped at least a little bit. My (fake) hair feels amazing, I seriously can’t stop touching it. It feels brand-new again, for reals. I’m fairly confident that this stuff is going to give me at least a 10-14 week cycle for my low-cost locks, which is about the time I would have to take them out anyway for maintenance. I can probably even wear them down a couple times a week, even though they’re statistically past their prime. I may even – dare I say it? – be able to re-tape these puppies and use them again! Hallefuckinlujah! You should see my happy dance, it’s so sad…

Suffice it to say, I’m super impressed with this hair oil. I had one that I got at HomeSense awhile ago and it really didn’t do anything to extend the life of my econo-extensions. This stuff knocks everything else I’ve tried out of the park. Granted, I used it only once (today), but I do consider myself fairly experienced at this point when it comes to pseudo-human hair, and mine has never felt this good. Plus it smells awesome – kinda like gingerbread, which is maybe a bit of a bad thing because it makes me want cookies…regardless, I give this miracle elixir a full 10/10, five stars, two thumbs up, seriously, just buy it. Even if you just have hard to manage natural hair, I have no doubt that it would help with taming whatever hair beast you threw at it. I have medium-thick hair (in my dreams, thank you China for fulfilling my hair dreams on the cheap), and I used three pumps. Three pumps didn’t even make a dent in the bottle, btw; I hope this stuff has a good shelf-life because one bottle is probably going to go a very long way. I just rubbed my hands together and finger-combed through my hair, avoiding the roots and bonds, obvs, what am I, new? I concentrated on the ends, which always seem to crisp up first, and then used a boar bristle brush to help distribute it evenly. I did this fresh out of the shower, so my hair was wet, but you can apparently use it on dry hair too – I’ll be sure to update you on that, don’t you fret. My hair is now dry and seriously silky. It’s crazy soft, and it’s not matting up like it usually would if I left it down. Let me say it again – this shit is DA BOMB!

So there it is peeps, my first product review! Long-winded, maybe a bit dramatic, but overall I’m feeling pretty good about it. Hopefully I helped at least one of you with a hair crisis, maybe reassured some of you that this product is a sound purchase, perhaps even saved some “stick-a-fork-in-em-they’re-done” extensions from the trash can for at least a little bit longer. Hopefully I haven’t led any of you astray, keep in mind this is just my own personal opinion peeps! I should probably find out if I can get sued for writing this…people do this all the time right? Maybe I’d better add a little disclaimer to the home page, just to be safe…on it!

Stay tuned for my next review *SPOILER ALERT* it might be a FabFitFun starter box, but you didn’t hear that from me…

PS, let me know in the comments if there is a particular product you’re curious about, I’ll do what I can to help you out! Also, just throwin’ it out there, I am not above reviewing anything anyone may want to send my way, unless it’s something totally gross or dangerous…I will give an honest review, no matter what, so it’s not like I’m whoring myself for freebies…right? Right?? I can’t get sued for that either can I? Well, as I always like to say, there’s way more than one way to find out, but why not make the worst possible choice first?

Keepin’ it classy, as always,

Manda ❤️

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